Welcome to a Place of Hope and Healing

Wholehealth Education & Counseling was founded to help those in crises find wholeness in their personal life and discover their unique path to healing.

Hope renews the broken and bruised heart. A new purpose and direction begin to emerge when problems are carefully listened to and honestly addressed. The positive changes people experience with me in counseling or psychotherapy are long-lasting.

If you are willing to make significant lifestyle changes, there is hope in finding a quality of life never realized as possible. My approach is called Integrative Personal Change (click here to learn more). I also use the term healing and transformation. Other people may use whole person care, wholistic or holistic.

Whether the context of service is psychotherapy or health education programs, I gently guide clients along the process to integrate changes into all aspects of the self – body, mind and spirit – and learn to live fully in relationships. The healing journey begins in the heart, and the transformation of the heart unfolds day after day. This process helps clients transform their problems into tools of personal empowerment.

One way of talking about healing and transformation is from a motif of moving from being broken or all jumbled up or confused to being whole.

People come to my office feeling broken and confused, and, after a period of time, they leave whole.

Basically, the process is this:

  • I help people identify their problem(s)
  • We work together to develop strategies of change
  • I help them find their well of strength in the midst of the crisis in their life.

As clients begin to listen closely to themselves, they learn from their own personal truth. This is often hidden due to truck-loads of stress. Learning to trust the inner well, they integrate its deep wealth of treasures — courage, commitment, caring — into all facets of their lives.

This process of integrative personal change is long-lasting and far-reaching because change occurs on a deeper, personal level where habits are formed. This is the level of transformation. The significance of these changes is demonstrated by a resilient sense of self and a new, transformed view toward others.