Professional Services

Professional Services






Bringing Success to Light

Bringing new ideas to medical clinics, businesses and churches is always a win-win for everyone. At some point, as an organization grows, it needs coaching and/or guidance to help its staff grow with it.  My services provide skills that create positive action personally and professionally.



For Medical Providers

The demands of patients with chronic medical conditions may tax both time and creativity of any physician. This is where I can help. I use a problem-solving  approach to psychotherapy and offer an integrative health education program for the chronically ill. These specialized services provide your patients with coordination and continuity of care not offered in other counseling practices in our area. With your referral, I can become your one-stop, whole health resource.

This quality of care instills patient confidence in you as their primary provider. With your referral for psychotherapy, health education and/or care coordination, you will extend your on-going care and not cede your responsibility for primary medical care of your patients.

For many of your patients, the care will be psychotherapy; however, some may need more coordination of psychosocial services. I can be your one-stop referral to address a host of issues that often absorb much of your time.

I can help you help your patients to navigate through the health and human services systems and to overcome barriers to the timely receipt of services, as well as reduce excessive use of services.

Referral Benefits

  • Quick and responsive consults
  • Reduce staff’s time and resources
  • Assist patient to find financial assistance or medical insurance
  • Provide coordination of appropriate services – psychiatric consult, human service agencies, healthcare facilities, etc.
  • Deal with difficult-to-serve patients/families
  • Identify issues that work against treatment

For Businesses

In today’s business world, it is necessary to bring new ideas that helps build a team spirit among employees. The workshops and seminars are designed to do just that.

In addition, benefits of a whole health program not only help employees learn new interpersonal skills, but as an added benefit, it can improve their health. Ultimately this reduces healthcare costs and lowers employee absentee. Any program or activities that will improve employee health and lower hospitalization is of great value to everyone

Wellness Programs

  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Stress Management: How to Work Peacefully in a Changing Work Environment
  • Maintaining a Balance Between Work Life and Home Life
  • Tips to Integrate Whole Health in Your Work Life

For Churches

I have worked as a pastor in local congregations for more than 25 years. In my role as a consultant, I can help congregations identify their mission, leadership strengths, and management of change.

I assist ministers and congregations to effectively address the pastoral needs of the church, such as assisting members to deal with death and dying. I have served as a medical social worker, working for 12 years in hospice to help the terminally ill and their family members move through this stage of their lives with dignity, courage and hope.

Types of Services

  • Work with ministers to develop a health ministry
  • Assist ministers manage conflict among members and difficult-to-serve members
  • Help develop supports – couples, divorce and bereavement
  • Identify ways to help ministers manage their stress and burnout