Integrative Whole Health

Integrative Whole Health


Integrating Body/Mind/Spirit

A personalized and integrative approach to help chronically ill people make major lifestyle changes and to help the individual and family integrate self-care methods in all facets of daily life.





Personalized Programs Available

My wholehealth education program is personalized for the individual needs of the chronically (medically) ill. I have a curriculum suited for both individual sessions and groups.

Through motivational teaching techniques, clients learn healthy practices – diet, exercise and relaxation/meditation. As they integrate the tools and information of whole health, they are able to make significant lifestyle changes and maintain those changes.  The benefits, then, are spread into all areas of their lives.

Navigating Maze of Services

Chronically ill persons often feel overwhelmed by their diagnosis and the many decisions they need to make. They must deal with information about the disease process, financial concerns, the physical and emotional stresses of their condition.

I will help them to navigate through the maze of outpatient health services – home health, rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, alternative healthcare practitioners, etc.

Tools for the Body, Mind, Spirit

An integrated whole health approach incorporates healthy lifestyle information and tools for the body, mind and spirit. With guidance, a person learns to integrate the health information and skills into a deeper level of self-understanding.

This brings long-lasting lifestyle changes and a commitment to a personally designed healing path. In this process, the person experiences personal power from a source deep within the self. This provides the motivation to help the person stay on his/her healing path.

Many chronically ill people lose hope because they have not accessed their personal power that strengthens them to take courage and remain committed to a plan. Together we will identify and set your health goals. I give support to help guide you on your healing path. Together we will resurrect the hope you thought had lost.

Improved health is achieved by making lifestyle changes.  The Center on Disease Control has reported that of all the major factors contributing to health – medical/ physician’s care, heredity, and environment – the most important factor was making personal lifestyle changes. Studies during the past 20 years show that when people change unhealthy patterns and start healthy ones, their overall health improves considerably.